Speak Wonders is committed to providing high quality, ethically-oriented, evidence based speech and language therapy services to ALL families. Our company operates for the betterment of the individuals and communities we serve by delivering equitable therapeutic services which helps us accomplish our mission— to help each client communicate effectively and Speak Wonders.

Speak Wonders is founded and led by a Speech-Language Pathologist. Our clinical team is comprised of energetic and enthusiastic pathologists, who are passionate and dedicated to the field of Speech Pathology. Our diverse and experienced clinicians come from many educational and cultural backgrounds, but most importantly, share the same vision to positively impact the lives of the clients we serve.


Our experience with SpeakWonders has been just that, wonderful! It was so easy from the start.  The President, Brittney Cotton has been so professional, swift, flexible, and responsive.  It has been a pleasure working with her.  She made getting us set up, billing, and scheduling so easy!  Britt paired Emma with a bright and energetic speech therapist for the summer that immediately clicked with our daughter.   We were so excited to witness Emma’s language improve notably in just an 8 week period really positioning her for a great start to Kindergarten in the fall.  SpeakWonders is one of the few companies that we have found that will give therapy in the home which made all the difference for Emma and our family.   I would highly recommend SpeakWonders and look forward to working with Brittney and the therapists again in the future.  Thank you SpeakWonders for all that you do!


                                     Meet the Team

Eilish Overby, M.S., CCC-SLP

My name is Eilish Overby and I achieved a Bachelors and Master’s degree from Southeast Missouri State University. I am passionate about working with families to ensure their child is provided with individualized therapy and strategies to be most successful in all aspects of their life. I especially love play-based, contextualized therapy where the child is engaged in their natural routines and activities while unknowingly, improving their speech and language skills. Outside of being a SLP, I love spending time with my family and friends, running, traveling, and cooking/baking.

Malee miller, M.S., CCC-SLP

My name is Malee Miller and I obtained a Bachelors degree from Truman State University and a Master’s degree from SIU Carbondale. I was born and raised in St. Louis MO. I’ve been an elementary school based speech therapist for 4 years and worked part time for SpeakWonders for 2 years. I love to travel, bake, do makeup, and spend time with my friends and family! I enjoy working with a variety of clients, and I look forward to learning and growing as a professional!  

Shayla Wilson, office administrator

My name is Shayla Wilson and I look forward to working with all of our clients, families, and pathologists.